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The Warm Hug Of Kindness

--by petroskryf, posted Jul 30, 2018
It was a cold, miserable day in Cape Town when I went to the post office to collect a parcel. But the contents of this parcel was a warm “hug” of kindness, all the way from the U.S.

Inside the box was a beautiful shawl, crocheted by my our KindSpring friend Mish. And such a lovely card as well, with Mish’s sincere words traveling across continents, explaining how she crocheted Love and Light in every stitch in honor of my daughter’s birthday; who passed away almost eight years ago.

Yes, dear Mish, I can feel your Love and Light. I am so overwhelmed that I cannot find the words to express my appreciation.

Just know that this warm “hug” of kindness is something that I will always cherish.
When I joined KindSpring shortly after my huge loss, I could not have foreseen that Kindness would come and wrap her arms around me.
Thank you Mish, and thank you, KindSpring for every “hug” of kindness.

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Readers Comments

gardengal10 wrote: a beautiful gift sent with love.
Mish wrote: So happy my hug reached you, dear friend ❤️
DANCE wrote: what a beautiful and kind present, this is all the love that your daughter still brings to your life
mindyjourney wrote: What a lovely post for a lovely “hug” ❤️!!! So true...the love lives on and multiplies, my friend 🕊 ❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: such love Mish puts into her shawls. I have a gorgeous one too
Rajni wrote: Your daughter is still living in the hearts of KindSpring friends and others. Mish did a good job. Thank God that Love can travel anywhere in the world without any restrictions. Thanks for sharing.
healingtree wrote: Nothing so wonderful as a handmade present, though from Mish I think it is more made from the heart ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
kjoyw wrote: Such a warm hug of loving kindness! Such a lovely gift for lovely YOU!

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