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A Happy Memory to Lift You Up

--by wayfarer, posted Oct 23, 2009

I hear some actors keep a sad thought or memory tucked away to help them with scenes where they might need to cry. I think we should each try to find the opposite; a happy memory, something to lift us up on those inevitable down days.  I’m saying this because I think I just found mine!

I had some work in Glasgow today. I was on a really tight schedule, which meant I would have no time for myself (or my own work) all day. I was having one of those days, the train was completely packed out and the conversation going on around me seemed to be particularly inane. On top of all that, I had a bit of a headache.

Walking briskly across the concourse, I fished some change from my pocket. There was usually someone at the exit selling The Big Issue (a magazine that helps homeless folk earn a living).

As the crowd parted ways at the bottom of the concourse, I saw someone selling the Big Issue. You had to be homeless to sell the Big Issue. She really looked like she’d been sleeping rough. Her clothes were ragged and she obviously hadn’t had a scrub up for quite a while.

As I approached the exit, I saw that she was also rocking from side to side. At first I thought maybe she was trying to keep warm against the biting wind. But she wasn’t, she was moving in time to a tune. I couldn’t hear her, but I could see her lips moving.

As I got closer, I saw a white cane hanging from her elbow and noticed that she had sunken eyes. She was blind, dirty and living on the streets. I came closer and through the noise of the traffic and the commuters I heard her sing the immortal line, “… and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!”

I bought her last magazine for twice what I’d originally intended. She thanked me, then she picked up her stuff and went tapping off along the pavement - still singing!

So, I have my happy memory for the day. And I think it will stay with me a long, long time. Feel free to borrow it if you like.

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Sonika wrote: Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!
atiase innocent wrote: Pls i meed help
sidhanti ravindra wrote: Positive atitude can change others life
RandomActs wrote: What a wonderful. Story! There is positive in everything. You found a spark from an unlikely source. All we need to do is look with an open heart, and the world opens up for us. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event in your life. God bless you!
LaineBailey wrote: A simple yet important reminder<<<< remember the may good and wonderful things life brings our way,,,,,,,, it will help to have them stored in our memories when we are faced with a challenge!
vickey wrote: How wonderful, thank you for sharing.

My daughter is visually impaired and i truly appreciate kindness extended to others that are also blind.
shammah wrote: Thi's great, when'the novel coming out? I think i will be the first one to get the copy.
Rose wrote: Wonderful thoughts. Thanks for sharing! Please continue to help the people.

Blissinme wrote: It is all wonderful! Thank you! It's amazing how people with so little (in material possessions) are unencumbered with the weight of the world. Their meekness allows others to truly see the fundamental peace in this life. Thank you, thank you. May you get twice today what you shared yesterday.
kiteflier wrote: It is a happy memory indeed. Thank you! (:

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