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Overcoming My Fear of Blood Donation

--by kat94, posted Aug 22, 2018
Today I booked an appointment to donate blood. I used to fear needles and blood, but once I hit the age required to be able to donate blood (17), I booked it and decided to face my fears. This wasn't about just me, it was about others. I'm grateful for my health, and should use it to help others. I did it, and I still continue to donate. This will be my fourth time. I was talking to my dad about it, telling him about all the positives, and I've managed to successfully recruit him. He'll be donating with me. I can't wait :)
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lindariebel wrote: I just signed up too! Wednesday is the big day.
mish wrote: That's wonderful , Kat . Bravos to you both x
mindyjourney wrote: Good for you, dear kat :))) and thank you for getting father involved as well. Blessings.
Mitalichawla wrote: you succeed to console your dad too.. thats great... ♥ thank you. and takecare
brindlegirl wrote: Oh your amazing. Not only donating your own blood but doubling it by recruiting your dad!
melnotes wrote: Thats awesome Kat! Well done for getting your Dad to join and thanks you for donating blood!
terre wrote: Thank you for donating blood, a relatively simple yet essential service. And thanks for getting your dad involved too. We need many more donations that are usually offered. I used to donate blood regularly, until health issues made me have to stop.

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