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Car Wash, Heart Wash

--by MitaP, posted Jun 7, 2006
I used my smile card the other day! It was awesome!

I went to get a carwash and bought a car wash for the anonymous person who came after me ... as i was waiting for my car, I saw a turqouise car drive up, and I thought that must be the person I'm randomly connecting with! It was so cool!

I felt like I was actually giving something to someone else purely out of generosity, and it felt good inside...I kind of felt like I was part of a church group when I was explaining what I wanted to do, to the confused cashier, but she eventually understood the concept.:)

Anyways, so that was great and my car was clean! Just wanted to share the good feeling with you and thank you for the idea!
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thaata wrote: Instead of being at the receiving end why can't we all be like mitap? A random act of kindness is pure joy (since there is no poor and needy selection)which reflects the love for others.
Rob wrote: Hey MitaP, do you live in SoCal by any chance?
MitaP wrote: No, unfortunately, I'm not in SoCal. Must be another kind person down there?
lewis utting wrote: I thought that was prety random of you can u buy me a carwash please lol kl
Joy wrote: I'm sure she was totally blown away by the kind gesture when she got to the cashier. What a wonderful act of kindness! :-)

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