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--by kat94, posted Aug 26, 2018
I was waiting for the bus today to head for the child care session I help to guide. It was really cold out there. When I came there, the bus wasn't scheduled for another 10 minutes.

There was an elderly lady there carrying a few bags, and I noticed she had no gloves on. She started talking to me randomly and saying how she has been waiting for the bus for the past 5 minutes or so, and that the weather was cold for her and she wished it came sooner.

I took my gloves off and offered them to her until the bus came, and she took them. When we came on the bus, there was a police officer who saw the lady give me my gloves and thanking me, and he looked at me with a smile and nodded.
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brindlegirl wrote: You are such a blessing Kat ♡
mindyjourney wrote: Yay, dea kat!!, love we when we have opportunity to give so spontaniously :)))). Well done, my friend.
melnotes wrote: What wonderful kindess :) Well done for the childcare too sounds like a great thing to be doing!
Mish wrote: You are still our angel of kindness in so many beautiful ways, Kat. Bless

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