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Clearing the Garden for an Elderly Neighbor

--by gardengal10, posted Aug 28, 2018
I have an elderly neighbor who is 89 years old. She is unmarried, no children, a few nieces and nephews who live out of state (only one lives relatively close-by), and all of her siblings have died. The garden-guy mows her grass, and I try to keep some weeds at bay by lopping what comes over the fence, but her yard is pretty much a safety hazard and a danger. Not to mention that our neighborhood has had rodent sightings.

I witnessed a beautiful act of kindness from the family across the alley. The couple, along with their teen-age son, arrived in her garden recently, dressed for major work: long sleeves, long pants, gloves, hats. The arrived with pruners, loppers, weed name it. It took them more than several hours and plenty of yard-waste containers, but they did it. Will the overgrowth return? Yes. But, our neighbor will have a clean yard until the end of the season. Those neighbors are KindSpringers in deed.
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RekhaShastry wrote: So kind of you and your neighbors. Stay blessed!
lilijourney wrote: Your share warms my heart. We have had a LOVEly now 94 year old neighbor who has been the recipient of similar kindness. Bless those who raise their children to be kind beings, this family project is an example of great awareness and inter generational esteem. Bravo!!!
healingtree wrote: Lily said it all, it is a very heart-warming share and reminds me of the extraordinary kindness that is out there in the "ordinary" world. Long may we all treat each other with this depth of respect!
Painiacs wrote: What wonderful neighbors she has! Wish all had neighbors like that. We've been cutting our neighbors lawn when we cut ours because they are disabled also but we have a riding mowers. I know they appreciate it and it helps my disabled husband feel useful and needed so win win!! Help a neighbor!! 😁
Rajni wrote:
Very often I take bags from home. I also keep fabric bag so I do not need to use plastic. I reuse plastic bags. Thanks for reminding
mish wrote: Similar was done here very recently for an elderly infirm neighbor by a few of our other neighbors. Bless you all for caring & helping ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: YOU are all kind neighbors and grateful to each of you :)))). Many many tx!
Annabella wrote: Such lovely kindness xxx
michelelpurce wrote: how awesome! :) i am glad you shared their story. it just brightens my heart to hear these stories. Kindness does exist and it is happening everywhere. :)
leoladyc728 wrote: so very kind

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