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A $100 Sent In The Mail Goes A Long Way

--by tiaandlevismom, posted Nov 4, 2009

I do my best to save money wherever I can, but I have to admit, recently I have had a bit of a tough time making ends meet.  My husband has stopped paying child support which has made things difficult.  I can only work part time because my full time job is raising my young children. 

Some of my close friends are aware of this and have been very supportive.  Not that I am looking for money or anything, but they often ask me if I have received my checks.  I just tell them that I'm sure it is coming and that I'll be okay. I try to save positive because I don't want to my children to know what is going on.

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and as I was going through my mail (mostly bills) I found a hand addressed letter.  It was addressed to me, with the return address also as my home address!  I was puzzled.  I curiously opened this envelope and to my surpise and absolute amazement, I found five $20 dollar bills inside!

The bills were wrapped in a note which simply said: "I hope this comes in handy".  There was no signature, nor anything else to indicate who sent this to me, just the cash and those simple words.  I couldn't believe it! 

My van had broken down a couple of weeks ago and I had to have it fixed.  In the same pile of mail, I had received the bill for it - $120.  What a wonderful and timely surprise those notes were! 

I really wish that I knew who sent this so I could properly thank them.  If the person who sent me this money happens to read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  Your kindness and generosity have overwhelmed me and couldn't have helped me at a better time.  You will never know how much this means to me.

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roger wrote: What does god got to do with it all? You made your choice's just be glad some one was there to help not everyone get's to have some type of help
AURELIA wrote: Awesome! That really was a loving act of kindness. I am sorry you are going through such hard times. I pray that you and your kids will get the support and help you need. ~Aurelia
AnjuDV wrote: Dont you worry, leave your worries to GOd and do your best! Every dark night has a sunny day ahead. We all are praying for you. Anju
warmth wrote: wow this is so grt to read. Its just like a miracle and that God helped u in ur times of trouble. God bless u and the noble soul. :)
draines22 wrote: That is wonderful. I don't know where you live, but federal law requires they pay child support. If they don't they can loose their drivers license and do jail time. I went through that years ago, before the law was tough on
deadbeat dads (late 1960's & early 70's). If you sign up for any aid (food
stamps, medical) the state should go after him.
FairyBubbles wrote: Now that is fantastic! A beautiful story.
sethi wrote: Awesome, Your inner self ( soul) had created that you would receive help from the universe ( God). I am from India so I do know the laws of your country , however can't you go to the court who gave you the divorce and complain to them them about not getting child support. In our legal system, the ex husband can be forced by the court to pay up or go to jail. Just think about it and then take appropriate action whatever your heart decides .
lmil1954 wrote: You DO have a right to child support!!! On another note, hooray, praise God for the gift in the mail, I believe it was from His Mighty Hand!!!
Im glad youre here!!!!
Love, Linda:)

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