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Putting Off A Difficult Call

--by sunltcloud, posted Sep 8, 2018
For a week now, I have dreaded to call somebody who is terminally ill. She is an acquaintance who always is very supportive and pleasant.

Why then haven't I called her? What do I say? Do I bring up her illness? How do I comfort her? Those are things that made me procrastinate.

Today, emboldened by a KindSpring challenge, I finally called. And as soon as I connected with her I realized that listening is probably what she needs most.

I should have known. When I went through chemo therapy I was happiest with callers who asked how I was, then let me talk, sometimes more, sometimes less.
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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for reaching out to friend :)).
kazzie_moore wrote: A great lesson for us all, thanks for sharing
melnotes wrote: Well done, Im sure she really appreciated the reconnection :)
pluto178 wrote: Never be afraid to mention the elephant in the room......I think they made them that big so we don't miss them.......well done. x

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