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Stan's Surprise

--by AsianWoman, posted Nov 17, 2009
Stan heard in church about a family in Denver, Colorado.  There, a family faced a rather bleak Christmas holiday. Medical bills robbed them of any extras; they would not even have a tree. Stan's pastor asked him if he would get them that tree.

So Stan and his son Jay headed up into the Colorado Rockies in the family pickup.  However, the truck skidded off the icy road and hit a boulder that shattered the windshield.  Jay was showered by glass slivers and suffered from shock and crash trauma.  Stan was uninjured, though somewhat shaken.

Cars sped past that day, maybe 200 of them. Only two stopped to help.  A gentle, dark-haired woman took the boy into her car to comfort him while her husband and another man helped Stan move his truck off the road.  Then this kind couple drove father and son to Stan's home and quietly left without identifying themselves.

Stan was discouraged that he was unable to cut a tree for the family that his church was trying to help.  But later in the month, the pastor asked if Stan might deliver a food basket to the same unfortunate family.  He found the house, but he was left speechless when the door opened.  Standing there before him was the same couple who had stopped to help him on the mountain road when so many others had passed him by.

Some may call it an amazing coincidence.  But I believe that there is something more powerful going on, the power of love and kindiness.
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jsmc10 wrote: Oh my gosh! Bless them both
WitchDust wrote: Gosh, i got goosebumps when i read that touching story! What a beautiful thing to be a part of. :)
sethi wrote: Yes , mysterious are ways of God . Thanks for the post .
lmil1954 wrote: Indeed. I too believe it was God...aka Divine Providence!
Thanks for sharing this lovely story.
Love, Linda:)

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