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Giving and Receiving Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

--by Winston, posted Nov 22, 2009

I have lived in Falmouth, MA for about 10 years.  I had moved several times before finding Falmouth, never really settling in one place for a long time.  However, Falmouth has become home. I think it is a safe place to do good work.  I like that I often run into someone I know whenever I am grocery shopping or running errands.  My favorite experience of Falmouth was when I volunteered to deliver Thanksgiving dinner to families or individuals unable to drive or stranded by illness.  It was an amazing experience.

Volunteers check in, line up and follow the directions given.  There were many people working.  Children were coloring placemats for each box, adults were cooking and serving food, and the drivers were filling the containers with the meals they would soon deliver.  How they manage all of this is quite amazing.  The coordination of such an event is awe-inspiring.

The best part of the day was delivering the food to homes.  My husband and I had signed up.  However, initially, they had enough divers and no assignment for us.  Nevertheless, the gentleman in front of us checking in had six meals to deliver.  So my husband and I approached him, offering to help him fill his box and walk the meals to his car.  He was grateful and we began our task.  When he was directed to deliver his quota, he handed us one of the delivery cards, saying, “ Since this is your first time, I want you to be able to feel the joy that comes from meeting the people.”   I'll admit that I was somewhat nervous at this first assignment.  Who knows what Imight find behind a stranger's door.

My husband and I were off to deliver.  We rang the doorbell and were met by an extremely friendly man.  He asked us inside and from the hallway, I could see the silver legs of a walker approaching.  We saw a little old lady, and from her came a wondrous smile and warm greeting of,  “Happy Thanksgiving.”  I was compelled to wrap my arms around her responding, “Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.”   She expressed deep gratitude for the delivery.  Since she had been diagnosed with cancer she has had trouble getting out.  She could not have been any more gracious and handed me a beautiful scarf she had made and an envelope of donation to the Portuguese American Club. 

Can you imagine? Cancer, unable to get out to gather dinner and she still exhibited such deep gratitude and exude such love.  We left but not before we hugged goodbye.  The gentleman that was kind enough to give us one of his deliveries was right.  This was the best part.

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Aurelia wrote: God bless! That's so beautiful. I hope you continue to do this each year. You will certainly make a few friends and help each other in ways you can imagine.

Aurelia wrote: In ways you can't imagine. Smiles being made all around. You are super for sharing this with us.
luckyman wrote: Fantastic idea! You're an angel sent by god!

'every opportunity to make contact with another human being is a blessing from god'. Now you know why feel the joy of meeting such wonderful people and in their smile you see god!
kellie wrote: This story is wonderful i was feeling rather down this morning but this has cheered me up.
GuessWhat wrote: Lovely story! My good wishes to you on this journey!
LaineBailey wrote: We always get back soooooo much more when we give! I'm not talking about "material" peaple help others know what we get by giving. It's always surprisingly beautiful,,,, and unexpected,,, usually something we didn't know we needed.
lmil1954 wrote: Thank YOU Winston, I love your story. God bless you with a wonderful joy-filled Christmas!
Love, Linda:)

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