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Holding The Elevator

--by 2KittyFamily, posted Sep 10, 2018
Just inside the entrance of a building today there was a youngish woman on a rolling walker in front of me. I was not in a hurry and did not want to startle her so I stayed behind her. She was aware of my presence and ask me to push the button for the elevator. I walked around her in the lobby to the elevator, press the button and the elevator came immediately. She asked me to hold they elevator for as it would take her some time to walk that short distance and to even get on the elevator.

I was more than glad to do this, but at the same time panic rose up inside me. The "door open", and "door close" symbols on many elevators often lack the words open and close. My brain has problems deciphering symbols and I often press the wrong button.

Thankfully besides the symbol, it also said open, so I was able to press the correct button and then told her to take her time getting on, making sure she was steady before I released the door open button. I pressed her floor number and since she got off  on the floor below me I did the whole thing in reverse. She immediately saw someone who could help her open the office door up ahead.

She thanked me and I wished her a blessed day. This whole interaction probably took me 5 minutes but I felt so warm inside afterwards.
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Elisha wrote: Thank you and i hope you learn how to decipher the elevator buttons. So you could help more people. Have a good day every day.
mindyjourney wrote: Our lives are full of such possibiliites for kindness :)). Thank you for doing!
mish wrote: Well done by you 👍❤️
DANCE wrote: You are kind

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