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Unexpected Opportunities

--by tami2, posted Sep 14, 2018
I was grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant and met a mother and her 27 yr old son who moved to Phoenix from Iowa 2 days ago. I started talking to the guy (Cody) because I noticed he had a pretty big hearing aid. I showed him my bright purple ones! I told him and his mom, Tina all about my hearing dog Tara who was quietly lying at my feet.

Tara and I have been a team for almost 8 years. After extensive training (for both of us) she was given to me free of charge by Canine Companions for Independence. Cody may be interested in applying for a Hearing Dog after I talked nonstop for 15 minutes. I invited him, his mom and his dad to join us at a weekend celebration of the Canine Companions Chapter Party here in Phoenix.

This is a lesson in seizing opportunity. The table I was supposed to sit at had two older ladies seated next to it, and one of them took a look at Tara and said “I’m allergic to dogs.” Well… my hackles started to go up but I took a breath and took a quick look around. So I very politely said to her that she should know I have a right to sit there but since there were plenty of other tables I would sit elsewhere. She thanked me and then I was seated next to Cody and his mom! So the Universe works perfectly. By choosing my battles I think I changed this young man’s life forever. Pretty cool.

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Rajni wrote: Consideration, compassion and eagerness to help others are few of the many gems you have collected in your life. We are not living alone in this world. We all know the bible words " do unto others as you would have them do unto you" rather than annoying the old lady, you moved to a better place for you too do not want to get annoyed by others as well.
SissyLee wrote: Way to rock that situation!
scully wrote: Way to go, that’s awesome
mish wrote: Awesome, Tami!👍👍. We are monthly supporters of Canine Companions For Independence. ❤️
healingtree wrote: Talk about WONDER-FULL!!!!!!!! Tami, I am reminded by your post of the lines of a poem, often misquoted as Biblical, by William Cowper in the 19th century that says, and I am changing it to fit my own faith, "The Universe moves in mysterious ways; its wonders to perform..." What happened in your chance meeting gives me chills it is so cool, such a touch of beauty on an "ordinary" morning....reminds me that no morning, no day is "ordinary" if I am open to receiving all of the many messages of need and love being given that surround us all, all the time...Thank you for sharing this!!!
Horse-friend wrote: Thanks a Lot for your Post! Wonderful way too react to this old ladies indifference. I remember often this sentence 'there are different ways of poverty...'
mindyjourney wrote: The link didn’t open, btw...Thank you for speaking up and also for understanding the woman’s sensitivity to dogs too :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: it worked out really well for you.

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