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A Very Random Act

--by lilijourney, posted Sep 15, 2018
We exited the seminar after the evening session with a full hotel cart pushed by exhausted legs. One darling man came to the rescue for us.

He insisted that we allow him the opportunity to push our full cart through the extent of the hotel, into the entry way, and through the parking garage.

He then loaded our vehicle. With a simple smile that lit up his entirely handsome face he was on his way.” Pay it Forward” was his exit line. Best hotel employee who was not one ever 😘
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Rajni wrote: To honor someone's request to help you is itself a selfless kind act. The way we help others and be very happy doing so, the other person too has the right to help us and be happy as well. It will definitely make his/her day. If we genuinely think of others in both ways, giving and accepting help will make our planet a better place to live, one act at a time.
GNF1 wrote: Did you pay it forward
pluto178 wrote: How lovely x
healingtree wrote: So lovely!❤
janfour wrote: ❤️ wowser - you really found a genuine helper ❤️
mish wrote: Sweet!! 👍❤️
mindyjourney wrote: A kinder world? Yes! What a darling man indeed :))))))
leoladyc728 wrote: very kind of him

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