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Word of Mouth

--by camposdian, posted Sep 22, 2018
This is not a story of kindness itself, but I'm very glad to say that since I joined KindSpring I've been telling my collegues about the acts of kindness, and when I have a morning shift, some of them come to my office to ask about a new idea for a random act of kindness. Sometimes they will tell me what they did and how great they felt making someone else happy. And that makes me happy. Thanks to you all who remind me that a small act can really make a difference.
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melnotes wrote: Well done, you are sharing everything that this site is about :) hope to see some of your colleagues here soon :)
sandyremillar wrote: Such inspiring motivator you are! A Light for all.....wonderful....thank you!
pluto178 wrote: Actually it is a kindness act which is creating many ripples....well done...........the RAOK chat with morning coffee would be a great idea in any office. x

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