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From Tears To Cheers, Thanks To A Security Guard

--by karenbowes, posted Sep 30, 2018
Today I went on an outing with my best friend and lost her in a very large mall for some 4 hours. I went crazy searching all over from one end to the other. Finally I had to give in to my pride and ask for help. I spoke with the kindest security guard! He assured me that everything would be fine, and walked with me one more time all around the mall to no avail. I thought it was so surreal and wondered how can a grown woman could lose her best friend in the mall.

I went home in tears and thought of how much I messed up. I thought about how special my best friend is to me and those who know her. I went as far as asking God that if anything horrible happened to please take me instead.

To my surprise, when I arrived home my best friend was there: my Mother!  My mother was fine. She calmly said, "l looked all over for you and after an hour of searching, I decided to take the bus home. I did not have my cell phone. Why I are you crying?" Needless to say, I was so overjoyed to see my mother was in one piece.

I reflected on the kindness of the security guard and the clerk. This episode was a reminder to show more kindness to the people I see daily as it is easy to take the presence and friendship of them for granted. Here's to Kindness!
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Rajni wrote: We respect mothers so it is appropriate to say your mother lost you. You probably were lost in negative thoughts. Search with positive thoughts is likely to give positive results.

Nothing in this world happens without a reason. This experience happened to teach you some important lesson. Hope you learned it. Thanks for sharing.
cabbage wrote: Beautiful story!
mindyjourney wrote: Often we don't know what we have until its lost. Now, you have found <3. Lovely.
wavingatyou wrote: Wonderful share :) Thank you!
brindlegirl wrote: Your mother that day would have realised just how much she means to you, and you too how much she means to you. Treasure her always. Mothers are such blessings and only with us a short time xox
melnotes wrote: Wonderful share, and how lovely you have your mother as your best friend :) Something to be cherished for sure!

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