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You Never Know Who is Watching

--by lewski711, posted Oct 3, 2018
I was at the grocery store today and there were two lines; one short and one a bit longer. Of course, I chose the shorter line. I started to unload my items when a guy came up behind me with only one item to purchase. I told him to go ahead of me.

Here's the cool part. In that longer line right next to mine, there was a guy with a decent amount of groceries, and behind him was a guy with just one item. Next thing I know, he tells the guy to go ahead of him.

Maybe that gentleman saw what I did and he decided to follow suit. Or, maybe he did it all on his own. It doesn't really matter. It does give me pause to think, though.

Our acts of kindness don't always just affect the ones that we are being kind to...they may inspire others to be kind as well. We may not think of that, so a reminder is sometimes in store for us to kick start our kindness. That's why I think this page is so important. All of your posts inspire me and others, even when you don't know it.

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cabbage wrote: Lovely! No act of kindness is too small
Annc wrote: “A Simple act of Kindness can create endless Ripples”

mish wrote: Great reflect on kindness, Lewski 👍 It does start a chain-reaction ❤️
michelelpurce wrote: great example you set. Thanks! :)
Horse-friend wrote: Lewski, thanks for your story. Just reading the comments of other kindspring toward what i considered a little, insignificant act of kindness in the past, Made me realize, how important it is to be able to share the Joy here. It takes time for people to get used to someone being Kind to them and we need support to continue to give even while others are yes distrusting.
Horse-friend wrote: *yet distrusting
Rajni wrote: Your kindness is very kind to you it attracted other person to be kind as well. Did you notice that you were thinking POSITIVELY that other person should let go person with one item behind him? And it came to reality.
gardengal10 wrote: Talk about the ripple effect!
mindyjourney wrote: We just never know who is watching and noting....most of all us!
leoladyc728 wrote: all good

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