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From Brewton, Al To Cleveland, Tn

--by foodbankcarlisa, posted Oct 4, 2018

Bonita and Thomas passed through Brewton today with their shopping cart. I took the opportunity to stop and talk to them. They were on their way to Tennessee from Miami. They looked sunburned and worn. My friend Ruby and I took them to Huddle House and fed them. We helped them as much as we could with a few dollars and snacks. I asked them how they had been treated so far on their trip...they said Brewton had been the kindest place so far. Way to go Brewton, AL!.

They were in a hurry to get back on the road so they could find a place to sleep before night. When I made it home and told my bothered him so much that people were sleeping in the woods on the ground with snakes crawling that we drove down highway 31 north until we found them...they had already set their tent up on the tree line and were about to lay down when we pulled over where they were and I said "hey this is my husband Freddie and he is going to drive you all to Tennessee"

They started laughing and looked shocked...Freddie is now on the road... with David Kyles Driving Them To Cleveland, Tennessee...343 miles one way
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Rajni wrote: It is wisely said that be kinder than necessary and you just gave us this beautiful story of your by living by it. You did a wonderful job. Be ready for receiving some kindness in future, thanks for sharing
lindariebel wrote: Wonderful, just the kind of news we need in these times.
mish wrote: You are wonderful Service souls. Bless. ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Safe journey to them all, my friend! Blessings of thanks and appreciation 🙏
Painiacs wrote: Nice of you, hope they stay safe
John74 wrote: Wow!!! You both are terrific!!! Many blessings and safe travels.
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful kindness to them.
petroskryf wrote: Kindness in action. Thank you for sharing.😘
pluto178 wrote: Now that is a wonderful RAOK well done x

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