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Leaving Bubbles and Balls for Kids at a Park

--by dmblanc, posted Oct 16, 2018
Went to the store and bought a few balls and several bottles of bubbles. Drove to my grand-daughter's favorite park and left some bubbles and a ball next to the kiddie slide.

I was the only one at the park for about 15 minutes when a little girl (maybe 3 or 4) and her Mom showed up. When she saw the bubbles and ball, her Mom told her that they were not hers and not to touch them.

When I left the park I said to the Mom that the bubbles and ball were there for the kids to enjoy. When I got in my car to leave the little girl ran to the bubbles and ball with the greatest little smile on her face. It makes my heart so happy to see little children happy.
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Eli wrote: That is nice i hope you make many more children happy
horse-friend wrote: Beautiful story and idea! Till today i love bubbles.
lindariebel wrote: So glad you made sure permission was given so the mom could teach her daughter about boundaries and then also accept kindness.
wavingatyou wrote: The wee ones are treasures :) Thanks!
jsmc10 wrote: Aww, how lovely :)
Mish wrote: Sweetness
TheSmileLady wrote: Wonderful ideas for spreading kindness:-)
mindyjourney wrote: Bubble kindness of smiles :)).
melnotes wrote: Oh this is wonderful! Sounds like you needed a smile card to go with them :)
DotMatrix wrote: Beautiful! I love bubbles! ❤️

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