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How Are You This Morning

--by DANCE, posted Oct 21, 2018
You know I put my heart and soul into making my guests and students feel welcomed and looked after. I cooked them homemade meals, helped them with anything they need, spend time with them, listen, surprise them with treats, I ask them every morning how they slept and every evening if they had a good day.

When those who attend a local school come back home I ask them how it all was, help them with their homework...I want them to be happy. Sometimes however I noticed that many of them, even after being here for weeks, don't ever ask me once whether I had a good day, or a simple how are you.

I know it's a bit silly but it does make me sad. Most don't realise probably. Many are very young. And...I am a little over sensitive. These past two weeks I lost yet again two people I loved dearly. But it's not the first time and I felt I'd share it with you. I won't stop being kind to my guests and students, of course, but my heart does long for love just like anyone's.

I do remember one young lady who once after my daily question over breakfast replied "and how are 'YOU' this morning?" I was so happy :-)

Thank you for being there
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Karen Garling wrote: Your kindness, reaches people, like you never dreamed possible and thank you, because you are a blessing.
bluebear00 wrote: Thank you for telling us this. I hope that more care and love would greet you every day.
AnnC wrote: I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the love and care you give your guests and students. I am sure that they do love and care for you in return, but unfortunately don't always know how to show it. Thank you for sharing your feelings here and the reminder that every one needs to hear and feel that they are loved and cared for. And about.
jmac72 wrote: How are you doing today? We do care. Much love to you today and every day. <3
Novice50 wrote: Never doubt that the kindness and love you share are seeds you have planted that will result in more kindness and love. May all the love you send come back boundlessly to you.
kjoyw wrote: So very sorry for these losses. It’s always a tender time when this happens. Feelings are more easily hurt. Please continue with your dear kindnesses even though others don’t always respond like you would hope. Your goodness goes out into the world every day and touches so many. Bless. 🙏
scully wrote: I will pray on this, and may the people around you take time to stop and ask you about your day🙏♥️ It’s not being over sensitive, it’s called being human. Btw how was your day?
mindyjourney wrote: We are often more tender and sensitive at those times of loss, my friend. Be assured that you are love and appreciated — even when guests may forget to extend same courtesies that you give. It will came back around... 💕.
mish wrote: I echo Mindy 😘
leoladyc728 wrote: sorry for your loss dear Dance. Sorry not all guests have the sensitivity you would like. I know I ask my students how was your day and many don't ask me how mine was either.

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