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Chain Reaction of Kindness at the Subway Station

--by Rajni, posted Oct 26, 2018
Kindness pays back with positivity. I was about to climb up the staircase at subway station in New York. I saw one lady was having a hard time getting her wheelchair up the stairs. After thinking someone might help me get my bag up, I left my bag on the floor and offered help to the lady. She gladly accepted it. While I took her wheelchair up, one young man brought my heavy bag up the staircase. I thanked him and rewarded him with a quote card. I gave a quote card to the lady after bringing her wheelchair up. Kindness pays back immediately with positivity.

When kindness paid back instantly, I resolved to pay it forward.

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truthunltd wrote: 🙏
michelelpurce wrote: very true! :)
petroskryf wrote: Lovely story, so glad someone rewarded you for your kindness by helping you with your bag. 🕊🦋
Rajni wrote: We can't afford to wait and hope to do kindness to the same person. We may not be able to meet again the person who did some kind act to us To keep the balance, we need to pass it on to some other needy person. After all we share the same soul in different bodies. Omniscient God will take care of our karma.
brindlegirl wrote: Kindness continuously moving in a circle motion 💞
kjoyw wrote: Paying it forward and passing kindness on to others helps to those kindness ripples to just keep on going......
ado wrote: Very true. Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful chain of kindness :))) ❤️
DANCE wrote: How lovely, such kind act

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