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Do What you Can, When you Can

--by penny4them, posted Oct 30, 2018

Lone turtle walking across the middle of our road. My daughter jumped out of our car and ran to the turtle and moved her safely to other side of the road, closer to water. Eastern box turtle we think.

My children teach me about kindness most every day. “Do what you can, when you can" kindness.
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autumnsky38 wrote: Aww I love turtles so much! Thanks for doing that. 😊
unknown wrote: Good saying. I think Abraham Lincoln said something similar!
Brindlegirl wrote: Best kindness ever. We love turtles ❤🐢❤
Annc wrote: that was a beautiful kindness -- glad both the turtle and your daughter are safe!
Horse-friend wrote: Thank you. I am a special fan of animal and Nature kindness...
michelelpurce wrote: what a wonderful kindness story and great you are passing it on. :)
lt33 wrote: Kindness to 🐢🐢 thank u 😉
janfour wrote: what a beautiful turtle
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you!!! This makes me so happy :))). Love those turtle kindnesses 🐢 💕.
mish wrote: You've raised Kind kids 💕💕💕

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