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A Sign To Be Kind

--by bluebell, posted Nov 24, 2009

Yesterday, I went to my favourite coffee shop in town. I was sitting at a table, leisurely enjoying a fantastic cup of tea.  On my left there were two ladies having a hot chocolate and chatting away happily.

I suddenly felt like paying for their drinks, but I was in a dilemma.  We don't exactly have a lot of money to give out these days.  So I decided to look for a sign to tell me what to do.

The sign that came was very interesting.  After a few minutes of my sitting there, two other ladies came in and addressed one of the ladies drinking the hot chocolate by her first name, which was also my daughter’s first name.  Now, the interesting part is that my daughter’s name is a very old Italian name, not exactly the name one would expect to hear in England.

So I decided that it was the right decision.  To avoid questions from the waitress, I told her that the ladies were my friends and that I wanted to surprise them, paying them their drinks.

I hope they enjoyed their surprise.

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Readers Comments

harriet wrote: Anonymous gives are the best!
BumMiggity wrote: Excellent story bluebell!
luckyman wrote: Dear bluebell,
I am surprised by your fresh ideas of doing kindness. You get signs when you sincerely ask for a sign.

It means you're alive to the gentle prompting or nudging of the holy spirit!

You will get the back the money you spent on that day.
JuneBug wrote: I am sure they did ! That even put a smile on MY face !!! :)
Bluebyrd47 wrote: Bluebell.. how kind of you!! I bet their hearts are still filled with the wonder of 'who did that", YOU!:)
TheakstonCat wrote: I love how signs come at the right moment to tell you what to do. Bless you Bluebell, you are very kind. T.Cat x
flowergirl wrote: Bluebell you are like your flower ,popping up quietly and making peoples days beautifull and giving them a memory .love and peace flowergirl
FairyBubbles wrote: Oh, how lovely. Yes, the signs are there if we watch out for them. Lots of love.
helpinghand wrote: Bluebell,I appreciate your act of kindness.I am going to try this act.I love reading your posts and enjoy them.
Thanks for sharing.
grammagussie wrote: Ahhhh..How thoughtful. Arent you glad you listened to your heart? Hugs~Marsha~

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