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An Extra Gift for Someone Helping Others

--by cinnamonhead, posted Nov 26, 2009

The holidays always seem to come too quickly.  And then, just when we start to enjoy them, they are over too soon.  But one thing I can always count on to start the season are the bell ringers for the Salvation Army.   My father had told me how, when he was a Merchant Marine, he would go and listen to their service and they would feed him.  Once he was a grown man with a settled family,  he made sure to always give to that charity.

During the hustle and bustle of shopping, I was finding some great sales using coupons.  I had saved enough to pick up a few extra gifts just in case.  As I was leaving the mall, sure enough I saw a bell ringer.  The woman held the door open and smiled.  I put some money in the pot and started to walk away when I remembered the extra gifts.  I pulled out a gift basket from Bath and Body, and gave it to her.  She couldn't believe it and started to cry.  She said she really needed the pick me up since she was having a hard time.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to help someone who was doing so much for the rest of society.

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LaineBailey wrote: Great story! Thanks for sharing!
bhappy wrote: Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story...Have a blessed and sunshine day...Becki
grammagussie wrote: The highways are so full of HEROS...I'm glad one found Smiles ~grammagussie~

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