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A Walk Along The Beach

--by seascout202, posted Dec 7, 2009

I often take my dog for a walk on the beaches near our home as she enjoys running around madly chasing the wind, the waves, and attempting to catch the sea gulls.  She's never fast enough, but she so enjoys the time!

Every time we go, we pick up trash.  Often there's so much that we make a pile near the access trails we use, continuing on our walks, and then just pick up the big pile as we head for the house.  We carry some trash bags with us to contain it, so if there's a good amount from a recent storm, we can carry it all.

Many times recently we have made our trash piles, but they are not there when we head back.  There are other "beach angels" out there working to clean up our beaches and oceans, too.

It's wonderful to know that others care enough to help by picking up what we've gathered.  It's nice to know that a person isn't alone when they're trying to make our world a better place.

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harriet wrote: You are making a difference~!
cyrilsmom wrote: a very thoughtfull thing to do.first i thank u,for trying to make the world a better place to live in.may god bless u.
JeanieMarie wrote: It's going that extra mile (on the beach :) that allows others to enjoy the beauty of our earth. You are a "treasure".
FairyBubbles wrote: You definitely are a beach angel - that is so thoughtful of you. Thank you for the idea.
sethi wrote: That is wonderful and thoughtful, making the world a better place to live in and bringing a smile on others faces .
helpinghand wrote: Yes, You are doing a wonderful thing.
you are really trying to make this world a beautiful place.Thankyou so much.

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