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Helping Young People

--by alisamom, posted Nov 19, 2018
One of my husband's work colleagues is a young kid with a girlfriend living together in am RV. They are both working multiple jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

My hubby has taken a liking to this kid, which is rare cause he doesn't like a lot of people.

Today, he treated the young man and his girlfriend to brunch to give them some ideas about continuing their educating without necessarily going to college, and later this afternoon they came over to our house to meet our dogs, because they might be interested in being our house and animal sitters this winter.

I had a few extra game cards for an arcade and we gave them those as well.
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lindariebel wrote: We need to support the young people! Good for you.
Rajni wrote: Your husband did a very good thing of giving hope to young people. Thanks
Lilijourney wrote: I am smiling so very much as i read this. Treasure this connection made by reaching out , for you have gifted acceptance and boomerang that back to both of you.
Christine88 wrote: That is so sweet. I used to pet sit and it can bring a lot of extra money in. Especially now with christmas coming up, they could drum up business. If they are interested in that, they could look online about how to do that. Or they could work for a pet sitting company and they get a profit from it. This way if something happens to the animal, the company takes care of it. Less responsibility for them. However, i did it on my own for a long time. They could make up business cards. You could be their first recommendation. They could get pet cpr certified. Good luck to them and thank you for taking a shining to the young man.
mish wrote: Sounds like a nice connect 👍
mindyjourney wrote: Agree with Mish, sounds like a nice connect :)))).
lt33 wrote: Sounds like you both needed each other 😉
leoladyc728 wrote: your husband is doing a really nice thing for them
pluto178 wrote: He can see potential in them that they so far are not seeing,....I hope it goes well for them. X
autumnsky38 wrote: That's so great. ❤️

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