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It Starts WIth A Simple "Hi"

--by savraj, posted Nov 22, 2018
We had a great encounter with a lovely elderly gentleman on our walk this morning!

We see him almost every morning. When we first saw him, months ago, he would walk by us quickly and not look at us at all. I know English is his second language and figured that was why he might have been apprehensive about making eye contact.

I don't know any Mandarin so I would always just walk by with no contact as well.  Then one day I decided to just smile and say "hi😃". He looked at us and with the biggest smile he shyly said, "Hi!" He smiled with his eyes too! He looked like a different person! So so beautiful. It was that easy! We made contact! We don't see him every morning but when we do, we exchange "HI's!"

This morning we saw him from a distance and I thought I would try waving at him since we were too far away to say hi. Well, he was soooo happy when he saw me waving at him and he started waving back with BOTH hands and then clapping and smiling and saying something (probably hi!!). I could actually see his bright smile and twinkly eyes even from a distance! That sure made our morning and I bet he smiled all the way to the bus stop!
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Readers Comments

Rajni wrote: You showed us by example that simple smile with hi is the key that open's the heart of other people. Thanks for sharing.
Karen Garling wrote: A smile, cost nothing, but gives a lot. ☺
Chris Ameen wrote: A smile is the international language for love and kindness!
Chris wrote: A lovely story. I look forward to the next chapter. Maybe a cup of tea together one day? Thank you for sharing, it brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart.
Horse-friend wrote: Beautiful...thanks for caring...and trying...
DANCE wrote: so lovely!
scully wrote: Isn’t it great how a smile and a Hi can make someone feel👏👏❤️
mish wrote: You made him know "he matters", Savraj. So beautiful. Love you 😘😘😘
mindyjourney wrote: Smiles are indeed univesal and so is your open and giving heart! ❤️. I can feel the infectious joy! 😊
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad you said Hi to him. It made his day

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