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Cards Full of Hope

--by brindlegirl, posted Oct 28, 2018
This is something I've been doing for a long time now and I absolutely LOVE it!

I will pick a name at random out of the phone book and bless them anonymously with love!

I write a card full of hope, love and kind words and inside I include a lotto ticket for an upcoming draw, to remind them that there is good in this world and that good things happen. And naturally I always include a Mindy peace dove explaining it was folded with love and in peace just for them ❤🕊

I can only imagine the lives I've hopefully blessed and touched. Not with money or the lotto gift, but with my encouraging words 😙
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kmbhai wrote: That is wonderful idea. I love it. You are adding greatness in our society. Thanks.
Rajni wrote: It is wisely said that "keep hope alive". Your cards full of hope are capable of changing someone's life. All other things may go away with time but hope has the capacity to bring them back and even surpass them. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea.
rak92 wrote: Fantastic idea! You have a great heart to even think of doing this. Nice one!
gardengal10 wrote: What a lovely outreach.
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful way to share the random kindness and love 🕊 ❤️
janfour wrote: so wonderful and fun!!!!!!!!
mish wrote: Spot on 👍❤️
DANCE wrote: Super!
John74 wrote: That is awesome!

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