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Bouncing with Happiness

--by Rajni, posted Nov 29, 2018
A stranger heard we were planning for my daughter's fifth birthday, and volunteered to drop off and set up a commercial bouncy house (that the kids loved) and he wouldn't take a cent in payment or let us help. He just told us to pay it forward.

I was blown away by his generosity and it was a lot of work to set up and pack away and he just said he likes knowing that kids had fun.
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Christine88 wrote: Wow! That is nice. Those are pricy to rent. Happy birthday to your daughter!
Lilijourney wrote: Truly a gift of heart.
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like a great new friend :))). Tx for sharing this story of a generous soul with us :).
leoladyc728 wrote: how wonderful

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