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Right Place At The Right Time

--by Brad2, posted Dec 18, 2018
Yesterday, I saw someone start having a seizure as he was crossing a cross walk. Recognizing his situation, as my late wife used to suffer from siezures, I sprung into action. With my one good arm, I dragged him off the highway to a safer location. I pulled with my legs. Once there, I kept talking to him, keeping him in the moment, held his hand, told him to keep squeezing it, and asking questions to keep him cognizant. Others came running up to let me know they called the ambulance. Once they got there, I knew he was safe and left the scene after relaying important information. Lucky my training allowed me to do the right thing at the right time.
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Annc wrote: Thank you for being there and being willing and able to help. Bless You.
Brindlegirl wrote: Wow Brad it is no accident at all that you were there! His earth angel 👼
Melnotes wrote: What awesome work Brad, thank you for acting quickly, you certainly were in the right place at the right time!
Brad2 wrote: At our community events and fundraisers, Santa Claus, Batman and Spiderman (me) pose for pictures, I did not have time to put on my Spiderman/super hero costume this time...
mish wrote: And you are in recovery right now from your fall!! Bless you.
Rajni wrote: Your and his karma placed you at the right time and right place. You did a wonderful job of saving one life. May God bless you and him as well.
AndiCas wrote: Everyone should have some emergency training. Well done for keeping your head. Have you considered keeping the Spiderman costume on underneath your street clothes, for just such emergencies? :)
leoladyc728 wrote: you are a blessing. Hope you are feeling a bit better
pluto178 wrote: Mish will be crotcheting your cape soon.........I feel like a film should be made of an ordinary person who can extraordinary are great in a crisis. X
Mish wrote: Hmmmmmm, Pluto.......must google cape how-to's :)))))))

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