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Extra Love On Correspondence

--by brindlegirl, posted Dec 27, 2018
A while ago now I had these amazing stickers made up to seal all the random love letters I write.

They say "You Are Beautiful".

Because honestly we all are and we all need the reminding 💖

I also never post a letter, bill or any correspondence without adding an extra touch of love in the form of words, or a quote on the back.

Every letter is different and unique and I just write whatever is on my heart to write 💌

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horse-friend wrote: Very inspiring kindness, thanks for the post.
Annc wrote: What a lovely tradition.
leoladyc728 wrote: such a nice thing to do
michelelpurce wrote: what a neat thing to do. :)
mish wrote: Thank you for adding so much kindness to our world ❤️
Horse-friend wrote: Wonderful Idea, brindlegirl!

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