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Helping An Old Woman Collect Money

--by itsvinuhere, posted Jan 3, 2019
Last Thursday, an old lady came to my office and told me that she is in need of a good amount of money for the treatment of her only son who is serously ill. She was afraid of approaching others for collecting money. So, I collected some money from my office and other offices around and gave it to her. She was crying when I handed over the money to her.
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job. Your generosity and kindness is commendable. Thanks for sharing. Others may get inspiration from you.
Christine88 wrote: How generous. God bless all.
horse-friend wrote: Well done.
DotMatrix wrote: Beautiful kindness.
kiwicat wrote: That's so kind. I've done sine thing similar for a colleague who didn't like to ask for help.
sandyremillar wrote: bless you for taking action and helping....
Iman wrote: Yup have a great reward...
wavingatyou wrote: Thank you :) Blessings.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for helping woman to get treatment for son. Blessings.

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