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hero work -- give hope

--by Arthur, posted Feb 6, 2006
There are so many things out there that people don't understand. Things that are bad and things that are good. One thing that I don't understand is how can a man with millions of dollars stand around in his office while a little child on the same street corner has no place to sleep for the night. Is it really evil, or is it just people? Are people the source of everything good and bad or are there beings out there that control the good and the bad? No one can really know the answer other than knowing that the child might die. Is that it? Are we all just trying to find some way to stop death? Because that is what it all comes down to. But the one thing that can counter any evil is hope.

Everyone throws around the word hope as if it were a cliche. But it is a word that means to want for something better, to have the NEED for something better. Can people be heroes for others? Maybe not like the comics or movies or anything like that, but can people give other people hope? What kind of will does that take, to keep hoping that other people will hope for other people and help others. Is hope overrated? Or does it really mean more? I know that no person can answer these questions that I give, that everyone else will just accept that nothing can be none for the little girl on the street corner and just walk by her like she is invisible. But the person that walks by her and gives her what they had, money, clothing, shelter, is giving her hope for another day. And maybe someone else will give her hope for the next and the next. Whoever can give hope, or the illusion of it, is a hero. A hero.

That is who you people are. You give hope and you help. I am a man of little will. I keep thinking that I can change the world, be a hero. But when it comes down to it I am just one man. Just one. How can I help? How can I have and give hope when all that I see on the news and in the world is pain and disease and suffering and murder and mental illness and depression and no life, no hope. I see hope, sometimes. I can almost feel it, right now, as I write this. But how does one grab hold of something that is so elusive, so fleeting, that he doesn't even know that it is real? I want so bad to give hope, to be my own definition of a hero, to help people.

All that I have ever really wanted to do is help people.

That is at the base, the platform, of most of my actions. All I have ever wanted to be is a hero. But maybe it's not really being a hero. Maybe it's being hope, hope for others. That is what we should all strive for. Hope for others. Take all the things that we fell about ourselves and delete them, wash them away and look at those around and ask ourselves, "How can I help THOSE people? How can I give them hope?" And maybe that little girl on the street corner won't be invisible to that millionare on the top floor of his building.

Maybe it's all a fantasty, just one big pile of crap. But if that were true, why would people want to be heroes? There is something bigger out there, something worth hoping for. It is not just being a hero, helping people, giving them hope. It's something much bigger, maybe larger than anything else, even evil. Maybe it's God, maybe it's Buddha, maybe it's Allah. Or maybe it is all of them. Who knows, but one thing is for sure. Hope is out there and even if you touch it for a second, as fleeting as it is, maybe it can change you into a hero, maybe it can stay with you and give you hope all of your days. Helping others is the best thing that people can do on this Earth. Just give HOPE.

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jsmc10 wrote: No, i absolutely think that people can be heroes and heroes bring immense hope to others. You are one man, but one man can change the world, slowly, through acts of hope and kindness, don't give up :)

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