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Just Two Minutes

--by cuddles, posted Dec 11, 2009

Today, I was helping out my mom clean since she was having family over.  The phone rang and I picked it up.  It was was a telemarketer and I was really busy so I thought, "I'll just hang up."

As I was about to, I thought of all the people who do that everyday.  It made me feel bad.  I thought "It's his job.  He's not doing it to annoy anyone."

So I stayed on the line and answered all his questions.  It only took two minutes.  He thanked me for my time and wished me a great Sunday.  He sounded really pleased and it made me happy.  Think of all the people who just hang up on them.  It only takes two minutes of their time to help out someone doing their job.

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jsmc10 wrote: I completely understand, i feel sorry for the people who have to work in these kind of jobs, they must know that it's not really a high chance they will get anyone to talk to, thank you for taking this time :)
FairyBubbles wrote: Yes, you are right. I shall think of you next time I am rung and show more patience. Thank you for the post.
Aurelia wrote: Good for you to consider a total stranger's feelings :) I'm sure he was smiling when he hung up the phone.

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