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Home-cooked Meals For A New Mom

--by brighteyes, posted Dec 12, 2009

One of my friends at work ran into some complications towards the end of her pregnancy and had to deliver early at 7 1/2 wks through a C-section.  Her baby is under 4lbs and has to remain in the hospital until more weight is added to her frame.

Another buddy and I have planned to throw her a baby shower later this month.

It was suggested that the new Mom might prefer home cooked meals in lieu of toys or clothes gifts.  We called to inquire how she felt about the idea..  Well, she was thrilled!  She emailed to thank everyone for this generous offer advising what foods were recommended, since she is breast feeding.

Everyone agreed that the food idea was a great one.  We are now coordinating efforts to have these homemade meals delivered to her home when she is home from the hospital to shower etc. to stock her freezer.

We know she will be exhausted from the back and forth to the hospital to visit her new little one, plus from her own healing from the delivery and surgery.

We purchased a few preemie outfits which will be washed and dried at hottest temperature settings to shrink to accommodate her baby's small size.

We are taking turns calling her to make sure her spirits are up, knowing she is stressed with the unexpected early birth, the unplanned surgery and not able to take her child home.

This is a group effort.  No one is taking credit.  Everyone is happy to help and support our friend and co-worker.  Isn't that want community is all about?

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jsmc10 wrote: This is such a fantastic idea, it put a massive smile on my face, thank you for being part of the community and helping out, bless you :)
JuneBug wrote: That IS what community is about !! If everyone were like that, there would be no welfare system...just alot more love !!! :)
lindsgran wrote: I think what you and your friends are doing is realy a great idea, and your friend will appreciate it very much, i know from experiance she will need all of you suport,My youngest son was born naturaly 11 weeks premature weighing 2 lb 6ozs, i know how stressful this can be, so to be showered with love will be a blessing, Please give her my best wishes, Happy to say my son grew up to be a healthy young man.
Bless you and your friends for showing such love.
Sanyogita wrote: Awesome, Ur superb job of helping a mother by providing homemade food which is good for her health.
Thanks a ton....
FairyBubbles wrote: That's the way to live - love it to bits!
Aurelia wrote: Brighteyes!!! This is wonderful. What you all are doing is tremendous and appreciated more than you'll know. By all of you joining together, you have lightened the burden... God Bless.
~Smiles are Contagious and I am smiling big time at this one! :D
sparkle wrote: I think food vouchers is a brilliant idea. Fab x

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