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Doves And Pigs

--by SissyLee, posted Feb 21, 2019
Yesterday was my day off. I had a patient who couldn't make it to my office during the week, and my office is used during my days off by someone else.

So I treated her at my house, which I had stopped doing years ago.This gave me a reason to clean up my former treatment room, which had  ecome a receptacle for whatever could get flung in there.

I gave her an origami pig after and she told me she still had the dove I gave her two years ago. And I know she moved twice since then.

Amazing how those doves get around and stick around.
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Christine88 wrote: That's cute.
mindyjourney wrote: Happy year of the pig, my friend :))). Doves carrying and keep their message of peace. Wonderful to hear 🕊 ❤️
kjoyw wrote: Doves and Pigs! So wonderful!
Mish wrote: And now the Dove will have the company of the Pig :)) 🕊 🐷
raevienne wrote: More doves flying haha :D aww wow <3
scully wrote: How awesome!
Rajni wrote: It is the beautiful message that the dove carry in moving around the globe but the message with dove hanging can't leave our heart. We are grateful to sister Mindy for her Peace dove Project doing it whole heartedly. Thanks for posting.

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