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The Gift of Memories

--by sd507439, posted Feb 27, 2019
I decided yesterday afternoon that I needed an attitude adjustment and after a meditation sitting and practicing Metta I began to have vivid memories of my older sister.
My sister passed after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in her thirties. A decade before she became terminally ill from the unusual tumors, I remembered coming home to my meager cabin in Alaska with my infant son.

I had been fired for bad typing. We were so poor that I had to wear socks on my hands to prevent frostbite. As I opened the door to our cabin I noticed a warm glow. Inside there was a fully decorated Christmas tree with gifts for both my baby and me. I later found that sis had gifted us toys AND ski gloves!

As a vision of her compassion filled my mind yesterday, "Amazing Grace" began to spontaneously play on a music station! I began to both cry and feel chills. Surely she was watching over us!

Filled with gratitude, I knew that she had taught me compassion and love! My best “gifts” from her were from her kindness lessons! 
Smiling heart ❤️.
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Sally Anthony wrote: Earth angel.
smilinghearts wrote: What a compassionate soul. Love.
elaofthsun wrote: I am glad that this warm memory brought you warmth and peace. Thank you for sharing.
Zoya wrote: Heart warming memory
Babs wrote: How blessed you are. Thanks for sharing tears of joy.
Virginia Reeves wrote: What a wonderful heart-warming memory. Your sister came through with items that made your life easier and happier and added in the spirit of love which provided that extra glow when you needed it.
mindyjourney wrote: That is a memory to warm the heart and mind forever, my friend. Continued blessings of those amazing graces 🙏
John74 wrote: A wonderful memory! Thank you for sharing with us. <3
leoladyc728 wrote: you are lucky to have had her
Rajni wrote: Surely compassion and love are the best gifts you received. It was your heart that was able feel them. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

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