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--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 11, 2019
Since Marilyn couldn’t walk far with her recent knee injury, I stayed with her at Irene’s home while the rest of our group walked back to Cathie’s to wait while the guys fixed Carlos’ flat tire (grateful we had left a day early for the airport!).

Of course, the spare was also flat, so a trip to the larger town (much farther away) was needed, which meant a nice visit with Irene and her daughter Lupita.

Unfortunately, neither Marilyn or I speak much Spanish (yet!) and they don’t speak much English.

Lupita showed us how to make a rubber band bracelet (from a kit gifted by the teen group on a recent visit from Cathie’s church back in the USA), and then gave it to me :))). She gave Marilyn a few she had previously done. I snuck one of the bracelets off my wrist into her bag of finished ones.

While Lupita was sent to the store, which we found out later was to get some queso (cheese) as a lunch ingredient, I taught Irene how to make a Peace dove. She was a very quick learner! Marilyn gave it a good go, even though that tricky inside reverse fold still confused her.

When Lupita returned, Irene went up the concrete stair and behind the curtain to the kitchen area, where we could hear her mixing, patting and frying empanadas. Lupita stayed with us, to keep us company. We made origami doves, hearts and even a little dog. (Lupita’s little white dog, who wandered in during our visit, is named Palomo - which means dove or pigeon.)

Invited to share in the simple, yet so graciously prepared and shared lunch of homemade empanadas, we sat at the table, grateful for the language of smiles, creativity, food and kindness.

A rooster crowed out the back door, taking a break from his scratching. Doves that roost in the elementary school’s courtyard across the dirt road cooed their approval, as we shared a meal of Peace and connection.

*Irene making empanadas.
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cadenmy26 wrote: NIce
emmahba26 wrote: So kind of you
Annc wrote: Beautiful day of shared friendship. Welcome home
gardengal10 wrote: Sounds like a spectacular day. I loved the sharing back and forth.
Rajni wrote: Thank God we do not need to learn language of each different community to do kind acts. Sister Mindy, your heart knows kindness in all the languages.

You deserved homemade empanadas for your mouth can eat food made in any language and named accordingly. LOL
Mish wrote: Wonderful sharings, twinnie ❤️
John74 wrote: Excellent! :-)
scully wrote: Amazing to have such a great enjoyment despite the set back of the flat tires!how awesome!
Melnotes wrote: What a wonderful experience and exchange of love, those empanadas look good!
DANCE wrote: Sounds like the most wonderful kindness sharing. Happy for all of you. I love empanadas :-)

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