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Walk in kindness

--by karma2u223, posted Mar 6, 2019
Connecting dots and lines in New York City through kindness. It's pretty rare to wake and think to yourself," ok who's going through what I'm going through today?"

But life has a strange way to make us see things. Yesterday, boy am I glad it is now called yesterday, one of those days - nothing seems to be going right. Long faces, not a smile in sight.

Needless to say the old ticker was bummed. And bam! - it hit me - I reached in my bag and pulled out my smile cards  Scribbled a lil heartfelt and positive message  on each card.  Picked my self up and headed out.

Dropped some at busy park benches, some at store registers. Handed some out to some who looked like they may need a dose of happy. As I reached my 2nd to last card and handed it to a young lady, I started about my way.

A block into my walk I hear footsteps speeding behind me. As I turned, I noticed it was the last young lady I handed a card to. She kindly came to me, gave me a hug, and said " I don't know who you are, but thank you so much. I needed this", and as we stood there this lady begins to tell me a bit about herself. How things have been with and for her as she said "sitting on the fence of suicide".

To make a long story short, sometimes we may think our life is so bad, but there may be someone out there who has it a lot worse. This was my smile and kindness experience. I walked away forging a new friendship and touching a total strangers life.
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1sher wrote: Wonderful work~just getting the engine going- lovely~
kindnessisabigdeal wrote: There are too many people out there looking towards suicide, you never know what people are going through. God truly helped you perform a miracle! Thank you for helping!
smilinghearts wrote: Great reminder. And great work! Another hug from smiling heart ❤️!
Smilinghearts wrote: Thanks! Many suicides of relatives! No one like you was there for them. Glad you are here today. 🙏
Christine88 wrote: My gosh. That is amazing. God truly sent you to her and her to you. For her to be there at that exact time. I hope she will be ok.
Rajni wrote: First of all thank God for sending lady back to you and giving you this kindness experience. Your good karma brought you this experience and more good experiences are there as you just started with KS. It gives all of us the oil needed o keep our kindness machine run smoothly. Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: Welcome to KindSpring. Blessed be.
Drjoybug wrote: I second everything that Rajni said...bless you.
unknown wrote: Thanks for being you! Smiling heart
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for being there for those who needed you

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