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Small Act, Huge Outcome

--by petroskryf, posted Mar 7, 2019
I bought the security guy at the front gate of the office a cool drink in the hot weather we are experiencing right now in the Southern Hemisphere. He was so grateful. A small act of kindness can change someone's day.
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DANCE wrote: Thank you for this
Christine88 wrote: I like that a lot. Yes, a small act is very large.
ado wrote: Indeed it does. It probably cooled him down. Thank you.
Mish wrote: Spot on, Petro. ❤️
unknown wrote: I can send you snow if you can send me sunshine! ⛄️
kjoyw wrote: Bless you for your kindness, my friend. So often these folks who take care of us like this security guard are overlooked. Sure you made his day.
leoladyc728 wrote: it does change people's attitudes. thanks

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