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Opportunities All Around Us

--by laughingsoul, posted Mar 30, 2019
There are many kind acts that we can  do, it just takes our intention to act. I helped a woman who was so panicked that she was doing swimming motions splashing through a melted snow puddle. After I was sure she was not in need of an ambulance, I helped her calm down, get back on her feet, and got her into a taxi.
Other times on icy roads I offer my arm to help older people walk . I used to carry some sweets or food and share with my friends and colleagues, and sometimes with people I met for the first time.

But is kindness only about doing? I think it is so much more. It is loving, beig aware,  grateful, and happy.

I am grateful for every opportunity and today, for the snowy morning which raised my hopes that we will have a warm beautiful spring in May when we are supposed to have blossoming Sakura and fruit trees. (Snow on blossomed flowers oh, that could be too painful to see).

We had a warmer than usual month, andmost people yesterday were lucky enough to switch back to winter clothes,  but I saw some who didn't, and I wished I had some shawl to share. And  even if I did,  maybe I wouldn't have had the courage to offer it.   But what  I could do was to send them warm wishes.

I noted the bus came few minutes early.  It happens often, but there are also times when the bus comes just on time. I would like to think that even as little as a thought could count. To be kind and help as much as possible is just a natural way. We shall do those actswhen opportunities show up, but if they don't, then I would like to think that even sending some kind or loving thoughts somehow, somewhere,  might be of help.
I am sending you all well wishes filled with peace, love, and smiles.
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DANCE wrote: Thank YOU for your post and your kindness
Mish wrote:
Simply your peaceful presence is a kindness act for others around you. Many people devalue just being you is often enough.
mindyjourney wrote: What a lovely reflection and post, my kind friend. Kindness isn’t something we do, it is who we are. And that reaches into every corner of our day/night existance, no matter the season or weather.
michelelpurce wrote: you are right kindness is more than just actions. :) thanks for caring and sharing with all people. :)
leoladyc728 wrote: thank your for helping these people. Kudos to you

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