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Happy To Share

--by Mish, posted Apr 22, 2019
Yet another big carton of oranges and grapefruits gifted to us by our former neighbor who now lives in Florida! They are always appreciated and there are always more than enough to share with neighbors 

When the mailman rang our bell, he left with two oranges.  Hubby dropped some off with our neighbor who rescued a puppy mill dog on his way to the park. I had fun gifting the neighbors on either side of our house, and tomorrow a friend is stopping by to get some. 

I love how one gift given to us enables so many ripples of giving. 
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Rajni wrote: Gift means the transfer of ownership, from giver to receiver. There is no restriction for the receiver. He/she can give them all to one or many people, use some and donate remaining. You did a wonderful job, mish. Your heart is filled with juice of love. Thanks for sharing.
scully wrote: Awesome
leoladyc728 wrote: so enjoy them and thanks for sharing
mindyjourney wrote: That is the BEST part of being given a gift, so we can share! 🍊 Thank you :))
Pluto178 wrote: Don’t forget to eat some yourselves............ a little bit of sunshine all wrapped up in a bundle of good health x
DANCE wrote: Great!

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