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What’s For Breakfast?

--by mindyjourney, posted May 8, 2019
What’s For Breakfast?

Noticed a man nursing a steaming cup of coffee out on the fast food restaurant patio. He had an overstuffed backpack at this side and was staring at the sun rising over the beautiful, but very chilly Black Hills.
“Can I offer you some breakfast?” I asked, holding the packed paper sack and cup of OJ that I had ordered for him.

He looked somewhat startled from his morning reverie. His weathered face broke into a grin and said, “Thank you. I would.”

Walking back to the car, I told MisterM, “You know, it’s not really us that gives, it’s the hand of God. We are just instruments. It just sort of flows thru us.”

Looks like a trumpeting angel in the clouds ...  a great begin for the journey, don’t you think?

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patjos wrote: Yes, you see it because your heart already believes :)))
Mish wrote: every way 👍❤️
ado wrote: Absolutely, we are just instruments. It's great to be doing his work. Thank you.
TheHuman wrote: Hurrah!!! I am very happy to know your Super Kindness act... Way to go!!!
Rajni wrote: Thanking God for giving us an opportunity to serve and do it using our body. We are even to entitled to the praises by others. It is best to pass them to God saying, these (praises) are for you. Please accept them. Thanks for sharing.
scully wrote: Very awesome mindy, continue, and thanks for the inspiration 👏
leoladyc728 wrote: so lovely. He must have appreciated that breakfast.

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