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Teenager Fills a Neighbor's Empty Cupboards

--by Tabby, posted Dec 20, 2009

When I was 13 years old I used to babysit for the lady next door. Every 2 weeks she would pay me $80. I always looked forward to getting paid so I could go to the mall with my friends on Saturday and spend my money that took me two weeks to earn.

One Friday evening I heard my Mom on the phone with our neighbor  and I heard her say a few times, "Oh that is horrible,"  After my Mom got off the phone I asked what was wrong. She said that the neighbors had no food in their house and the she didn't know what she was gonna feed her daughter.  Her husband had spent their money on beer and got angry after he came home because his wife asked for money to buy groceries.  He began to pull dishes out of the cupboards and threw them at the wall. So, on top of not having any groceries, the lady had no dishes.

I had an idea.  I asked my Mom to drive me to McDonald's and I bought the lady and her daughter dinner with the babysitting money she had given to me. After I had taken them dinner, I asked my Mom to take me to the store where I bought the lady dishes and groceries with the rest of the babysitting money she had given me.

When I knocked on the front door the lady gave me a big hug and told me how grateful she was that I helped her. When Saturday came around, I didn't have any money to go to the mall with my friends and I didn't care 'cause I felt great that I was able to help this family.

Since then we have moved away from the area, on three different occasions I have seen our neighbor and she always tells me, after all this time, how thankful she is for me caring so much about her and her daughter.

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unknown wrote: Tabby, you turned around and still more, rose to the occasion and went till the end you could ... Isn't that awesome ! I am sure this kind act of yours has touched people really deep ... as much as it did to me ... God bless you (-: :-) Deeper.
rna1953 wrote: It is good to be kind and it is all the more good if we are kind from the tender age, it speaks volumes of your parents who have brought you up that way. When we see ppl living without proper food for several days on one hand and ppl wasting food in parties, etc. , on the other, should we not ponder over how best we can mediate between the two and redress the malady?

In some countries,
Sam wrote: You are a true inspiration and prove how great teenagers are!
cinnamonhead wrote: Nice to see that you cared enough for your neighbors, i'm sure you have been blesses many times for doing such a good deed
Munstar wrote: Our world is indeed a better place today and tomorrow because of you and your ilk. How little it costs to make a difference. One wonders why governments can't follow your lead and just work to provide the necessities of life rather than spending what they do on talk fests and chest beating. Go forth young lady and enjoy the smiles you surely create each day
Osh Singh wrote: Thanks for reminding me that the more you give, that you shall receive in abundance. You are one to be emulated.
allissa rose wrote: That is so sweet. You are so nice.
parsram wrote: Helping hands are more pure than the praying lips,well done these acts give peace of mind
jadmar73 wrote: You are a wonderful kid,your parents are very lucky,send my congratulation to your mom and dad,for raising a rare kind of a kid u are.
JuneBug wrote: You have a HUGE heart, Tabby !!! You make this world a beautiful place to live in....:)

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