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A Sweet Ritual Between a Couple

--by lewski711, posted Apr 23, 2019
My wife and I have this journal that we share. We write to each other when we are so inspired and leave it for the other person to find.

I have been writing a list in it about what I love about my wife. Today I left it for her on her pillow to find tonight. She's a wonderful woman! I'm a lucky man!

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SANYOGITA wrote: Good work. U always appreciate your partner n feel lucky to have one. Lucky one
mindyjourney wrote: We are so blessed 💕. MisterM and I were just discussing similar :))).
Mish wrote: Oh what a cool idea! Like 👍👍👍
DANCE wrote: How delightful, bless you both
healingtree wrote: A marvel of connection!

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