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My Son, a Real Gentleman

--by cabbage, posted Dec 22, 2009

I had taken my 11-year old grocery shopping and after we had finished he was taking our cart back to the store.  I stayed in the car and noticed that he was helping a woman by carrying her groceries and putting them away in her car...and then putting her cart away too. I smiled to myself quietly.

As he was taking the carts away, the woman came over to my car and asked me, "Are you his mother?" I said yes. She said, "Your son is such a gentleman---it has been a long time since I have seen a kid like are doing a great job!" I said thank you and just beamed, with tears in my eyes. 

When my son came back I played it "cool" and simply said "that was nice of you to help that lady". He replied, "She looked like she could use some help with her bags". I then told him that the lady came over and called him a real gentleman, and how proud I was of him. It was such a memorable moment.  It made me feel like even if I am not around, I hope that he will always take the time to notice others and do the right thing.

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JuneBug wrote: You so deserve to be a proud momma !!! Keep up the good work !!! :)
iferlamb wrote: What a wonderful moment indeed! How very blessed you are!!!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a wonderful story and a great way for his wonderful behavior to be reinforced. Keep up the great work!
Aurelia wrote: You are a terrific Mom and your son IS a Gentleman! You have lots to be proud of. I'm glad you got to experience such joy. :)

lmil1954 wrote: Hey's been awhile. So glad I stopped by. Many blesings to you.
Love, Linda:)
sethi wrote: Hi , He has inherited your traits . Thanks for the post .
Bluebell wrote: Like son like mother. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell

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