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Coffee and More

--by lewski711, posted May 12, 2019
Today's RAOK [Random Act of Kindness] was really fun! I walked into a Starbucks and there was a man making a purchase. I interrupted him ordering, "Excuse me, but I wonder if you will allow me to buy that for you."

He looked at me puzzled, "Why?"

"Because this is my random act of kindness for the day. I planned to buy a stranger's coffee today. You're a stranger and that's a coffee," I said pointing at his cup.

He was silent. Then, "Are you serious?" I told him I was and that I started The April Random Acts of Challenge in 2012 and that today he was the recipient of it. He seemed unsure.

I told him it would help me and be his random act of kindness, allowing me to check it off my list for the day. He smiled and told me I could if I wanted to. I gave him a Kindness Card and asked if he'd surprise someone sometime and pass on the card.

The whole time the barista had a huge smile on his face. I put in my card and the guy says, "Oooh, did you mean to pay for my sandwich as well?"

I told him, "Sure." I grabbed the receipt, and smiled at him and the barista saying, "Have a great day." Then, I left.

That was fun!
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Mish wrote: Well he certainly got with the program! Lol lol
maria_clara wrote: so inspiring ...blessings!
petroskryf wrote: You were indeed an inspiring example of everyday kindness out there. Thank you for sharing! 💞
mindyjourney wrote: It is always nice to ask first :))). Thank you for doing ☕️ and congrats on being CMOW! :))
Rajni wrote: You handled the situation very politely and also taking care in not to offend that man.You did a wonderful job Thanks for this very inspiring Post

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