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Being Present to Life And Taking It All In

--by TC, posted Apr 22, 2019
Have we ever noticed that we are so busy doing that we are missing out on a great many things? Sometimes we are given the opportunity to sit in silence and take in our surroundings. It may seem difficult at first, but soon we are able to see, hear and feel what is going on around us. All our senses become engaged. Although our sense of smell is always working, while sitting quietly we may notice that we are able to more fully take in the aromas of the space we are in. Our ears pick up the sounds of the birds singing. As we sip our water we have the time to notice how it tastes and how it quenches our thirst. The contrast in the colors may become more visible as we take the time to see them fully.

We also have time to observe the people who are moving around us, the light-hearted laughter between two friends and our mood is lightened by the smiles on their faces. There is more time to play peek-a-boo with babies over their parents’ shoulders and to appreciate the innocence in the child. When we are so busy doing we miss out on so much of what is going on around us.

By sitting quietly we give ourselves the opportunity to take it all in and to appreciate the world around us. 

Picture taken by T. Corman
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Suzanne wrote: Beautiful. Thanks
Ramon antonio miquilena wrote: Hola muy buenas opciones gracias
Ramon antonio miquilena wrote: Hola muy buenas opciones gracias
lt33 wrote: Great thoughts 💜 this
Drjoybug wrote: My favorite way to relax
mindyjourney wrote: We need remember to bring that sense of appreciation into all aspects of our lives 😊. Thank you, dear TC!
TheHuman wrote: TC, you are right... nice idea!
Mish wrote: Truth
kjoyw wrote: 🙏

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