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--by lewski711, posted May 13, 2019

On Easter, what do you do with the extra daffodils you got on sale on Friday? This!

My wife and I put bunches of daffodils and a Kindness Card on three different cars in the grocery store parking lot today!
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HeartRock wrote: I bet you made their day! You would have made mine!
ado wrote: Beautiful. Thank you.
Mish wrote: That’s really so nice to do & so very pretty too. Cheers!
Drjoybug wrote: Great idea
lt33 wrote: What a lovely act of kindness 😉 maybe one of those people had no one to celebrate the holiday with and they received your gift 💜😉
1sher wrote: so great of you!
mindyjourney wrote: Very bright cheery way of saying HELLO and Happy Easter :). Thank you.
petroskryf wrote: What a kind thing to do! Thank you for sharing. 💐

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