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A Sweet Surprise From My Co-Worker

--by Kayz2000, posted Apr 25, 2019
I love doing random acts of kindness, but lately, I've been pretty busy and have gotten out of the habit. However, I got a completely random act of kindness sprung on me and it totally surprised me! :)

I'm 18 and I work full time so I was sitting at my desk, really bored and tired because it was about 3:00 in the afternoon when my coworker called me (which is weird because she works in the cubicle right next to me). Come out in the parking lot, she said. I thought she had been crushed under a semi or something so I went running out and turns out one of my friends was standing in the parking lot with 2 Starbucks drinks (anyone else loves caramel macchiatos :D) for me and my coworker and a couple of bags of candy including Cadbury Eggs which are my favorite! :)

I was so surprised and happy because I'd had a really bad day that I gave her at least 5 hugs! Goes to show that something simple as taking time out of your day and about 10-15 bucks can really help someone :)
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Christine88 wrote: This is so sweet! I truly love to hear about these beautiful acts of kindness. I so want that drink!
Virginia wrote: Your kind acts coming back to you just when you really needed a boost. Bravo to all involved.
Mish wrote: Friends are the chocolate chips in life :) ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: A thoughtful way for friend to boost your smiles 😊 as well as your sugar! :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad your friend was there for you.
DANCE wrote: wonderful kindness!!!!

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