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Dog Love

--by SissyLee, posted Jun 5, 2019
Last week a friend from the animal rescue world I used to be part of in New Mexico posted a link about a dog in Arizona. This dog belongs to a Native American family and they did not have the $$ to help this dog get her mangled leg amputated. My friend did not know where to turn so she just put it up on facebook and I shared it. A little later I saw a 100 year old friend had donated and saw that no one else had.

I don't have much $$ these days but this dog reminded me of another dog from many years ago in NM, one that showed up at the spay/neuter van I was working on as a vet tech. That dog was anonymously dumped/abandoned with a mangled leg too. The vet and I saw a spark in her eye and after hours we amputated her leg, and I took her back to the shelter I worked at. She was soon adopted by other vets who heard her story on the grapevine. In her name, I spotted a bit towards this Arizona  family's dog. No one else had donated. But the surgery went forward.

So, this evening, I went to the local Grocery Outlet Bargain market to get my very old dog some canned chicken. It is about all she wants anymore -- and I have even tried organic steak!! I believe she is slowly loosening her grip on her mortal coil. Anyhow, as I stood in line, a man with a big silver pit bull came over and got in line behind me. His dog was full of smiles and had on a canvas jacket with a ripped patch that said "Marine."

This big, quiet man told me I could pet his silver dog,and so I did. I got down on the floor and hugged that sweet dog. The man told me he and that dog had been in the Marines together. As I got rung out, others petted him and I kept scratching his big head and then I hear, "I'm paying for her groceries."

Dang! What? the cashier said, "Are you sure?" I about burst into tears. "Thank you," I said. "Thank you for spreading the kindness." He just smiled and said, "Yes M'am. You are welcome." I gave him a peace dove. And went in my car and cried from the beauty of it.

Dog love. It gets around and goes around.
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drjoybug wrote: this brings a smile to my face... thank you for sharing
Mish wrote: Sweetness! ❤️🐶❤️
TheHuman wrote: Extremely Fantastic!!! Well Done!!!
mindyjourney wrote: Amazing how the Universe gives a heart-felt nudge of thanks, just when we need ❤️. Thank you for your kindness and being open to receiving as well ❤️.
lt33 wrote: Omg what a beautiful story and how kindness spreaded like confetti 💜😃
healingtree wrote: Now you have brought me to tears too, that is so very joyous and yet profoundly poignant a share....(✿ ♥‿♥)
DANCE wrote: wonderful!!!!
leoladyc728 wrote: so heartwarming.
kjoyw wrote: Oh.....what a lovely post about loving kindness. So comforting to read. Bless you for this post.
smilinghearts wrote: Amazing and wonderful. Love beings—maybe have some partially towards dogs and against bed bugs, but maybe they will be a cancer cure(?) This was a lovely share. Thanks! ❤️

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